Sunday, December 02, 2007

You said you would always stay

Last night Si went camping with the Scouts. Now I know not everyone is here in Sunny Scotland, but Camping??? On First December???? In Ayrshire? I ask you. Now I'm not a Scout, I'm not an outdoory type of person really, but I knew that yesterday was not camping weather! But no, three leaders and 6 Scouts... away off and up a hill! Flipping Hairies.

As I sat in front of the TV at 9 pm, with the rain hitting the back window so hard I had to turn the volume up to drown it out, I thought. What were they thinking? The wind then started to get up, and bins were banging, and trees were howling. Wasn't good. When I left to get Steven at 1050 (He was at the Indian with the Belarus Ladies Volleyball team), it was pouring, blowing a gale and thunder and lightning! Yes! And they were up a hill! In a Tent!

We had to get up at 745 this morning, as Stevo was playing in the Power League for Volleyball. We dropped him at 9.20 at the Kelvin Hall and started our rounds of shoe shops in Glasgow looking for the perfect Pink Sparkly shoe for school dance. We must have walked 5 miles around Glasgow and got nothing. O M G Our legs where killing us!

We took a run out to Kirsty's to give her her birthday present. A lovely pair of vibrating pants, and a beautiful, "by helen" scarf. We had cream cakes and cookies and a cup of tea. I raided Kirsty's Box Room (Not Cupboard), and seen if there was anything I could steal. There was, infact, many many things I could steal, but I refrained!.

We headed back to Kelvin Hall for three and were in time to watch Steven sleeping at the side of the pitch (he was supposed to be linesman), and then we headed back down the road, to be met by the lovely smell of tea cooking.

I love my husband. He'd better always stay.



  1. Hey you,

    I played your crazy game of Seven. It's on my blog. I feel naked.


    PS. Nothing wrong with stealing.

  2. ha ha ha ha - Too true!