Monday, December 17, 2007

Why am I up the tree, you say? Why are you down there.

I was never cut out to be a single parent.

I am exhausted.

Si went to Arran this morning until Wednesday morning. I came home from work, at 5.30, peeled potatos, put sausages in the oven, and then washed the dishes left from last night. I set out the tea, after chasing Steve away to collect money. We had our tea, then flew back out to collect more money. We came back in and I drove Steven to Volleyball Coaching. Then we came back and I forced Eilidh to go and collect one house, I did two more.

We got in, Eilidh wanted to bring the tree in. So tree came in and I left her to decorate while I tried to sort out Steven's money.

I had to try and re-pot the tree while it was in it's pot, as it was sitting at a 70 degree angle. We've moved it a wee bitty. and now that it is decorated it's looking great.

I flew back out to buy bread and collect Steven. Then I came back, helped Eilidh finish the tree, made Chocolate and Tea, and Toast, and then sat here, to write letters for Steven to take to school tomorrow.

Jees. All I want to do is go to bed. Yawnnnnnnn

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  1. You should have gone with Si and left Eilidh in charge.