Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday 5

What’s your favorite song about growing up?
I'm thinking about this, will come back to it.

What’s your favorite song about cars or driving?

Born to Run, Frankie Goes to Hollywood Version... although I love the Brucey version too.

What’s your favorite song whose title is a person’s name?
Right now is Delilah by Plain White T's, is gorgeous song. Otherwise, Delilah by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.... which strangely enough features a few entries down on this very blog.

What’s your favorite get-up-and-dance song?
I dance to most things, In shops, If I hear Barry White, I can't stop. I tap dance (from my classes) to Frank Sinatra, Latoya London, and Jackson 5 - Big Bad Leroy Brown, Don't Rain on My Parade, and Rockin Robin. I Lurve Dancing, would dance all the time. Am frequently seen dancing in the street.

What’s your favorite novelty song?
Russ Abbot - Oh What An Atmosphere.... Fantastic. Enjoy............ What a man!!! Legend!

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  1. you are like ally mcbeal, dancing to barry white.