Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Breathing with sweet memories.........

Christmas almost done and dusted. It isn't really until after Boxing Day eh? When we are still sweating off the excesses of Christmas day?

Am stuffed with the cold. As is my mum,.... must have been a duff batch of flu jabs this year. This is my first cold in about 18 months, which isn't bad going considering I used to get one every 6 weeks or so.

Quiet day yesterday. Kids actually stayed in bed til 9, and then we had a slow rise. Everyone got loads of lovely pressies. I got A beautiful handbag, and purse. Oh if only I keep it good... it will last for ages. Both leather. both gorgeous.

Had a lovely meal. Si excells himself every year. I don't think you ever loose the knack do you? We are taking it easy today. I stayed in bed til feeling sorry for myself and runny nose. I watched Happy Feet, and then the Longest Yard lovely.

Si and the boy got up and went to Mr M's for Boxing Day drinks. I decided not to because my nose was running too too much.

Eilidh and I took a wee run out to the garage to get some milk - everywhere was shut. All of Troon, literally. Irvine too. Well I say Irvine. Tesco.... which is the hub of all life in North Ayrshire was closed - but Comet / Powerhouse/ Homebase all open for the sales. I really can't be bothered with these things./

And I'm ready.

Ready to get ready for the rest of life. I don't want to eat too much. I don't want to drink too much, I just want to be happy and healthy. Right now I may be happy. but not healthy. Give me 5 months. I will be.


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