Saturday, December 29, 2007

Suddenly the air smells much greener now......

My honey is away in the hills again. Today he sent me about 5 pictures of hills, but none of them were the hill I wanted to see. I've been there, where he is before, a couple of times, but the last time I was there I was very very ill.

The day before we had been in Inverness, and took a visit to the glen morangie distillery. it was all very lovely - they still have 16 men of Tain who produce the stuff, and very nice it is too. We bought a lovely bottle to take home with us, but the joy of the evening in the hotel made us drink the stupid bottle. Well to be honest, I think I drunk more of it than Si. Next morning I couldn't move. I was horrendously ill in the room, horrendously ill in about 6 laybys on the way from Inverness to Fort William.

By Glen Nevis I had recovered sufficiently to stand by the river and contemplate throwing myself in. If we had gotten there 2 hours before, I couldn't have stood up. My poor children, what must they make of me?

Anyways, after a breath of air in Fort William - see the place is good for something (I Don't mean that, I LURVE FOrt William - a very good ex friend of mine lived there - she left tho), we headed South and reached the hills where my husband be now.

Heavens, I had reached that point of recovery where EVERYTHING is beautiful. the ground, the smell of rain on a hot road, thistles, dog poo, smelly hillwalkers. We got out and went for something to eat. Note the state of my recovery. I WANTED to eat something. The restaurant there is something to behold. They actually cater to everyone's requests. You want something a little bitty different from their intensive menu... they make it. And even tho you queue canteen style, someone ends up bringing the food to the table. You can't fault it. Is brilliant. They also have lovely outdoor shops, delicatessen, and sweetie place. Oaft; is Heaven in the HIghlands.

But anyways, I digress. After we had eaten, and I actually managed to keep food down. We stood outside at car and enjoyed the air. Truely is fantastic air there, and just to stand and look at the hills is awe inspiring.

They are so high. And beautiful. And they make you forget the crap in the world. Honest they do. This is anotheer reason for getting fit this year. I want to climb them. I want to climb them all. And I intend, by May, and this is the first time I have put a target on paper (albeit electronic), that I will be ready to climb.

The hard work starts here.


  1. Anonymous11:29 pm

    You should get a ticker to countdown. I am counting down to my Dirty Thirties.

  2. Great Photo! I loved it while I was visiting there and hope to return someday for some hillwalking....good luck with the fitness!!