Sunday, June 08, 2008

All the Stars Are Coming Out Tonight

All my family are back, and am happy.

Tooli is knackered but happy - had a ball, abseiling, River Running, JAcobs Ladders, and all sorts.

No 1 Boy came home about 11, sat around for a couple of hours, and then headed out for a game of football with his mates. He called for a lift home, just at the same time I was heading off for Tooli - I passed Si on the road and screamed at him to go and get Boy.

I was really missing them all this afternoon and went into mad cleaning frenzy. All sheets off the beds and washed and put away. Matresses turned and flipped, dusted, floors swept, hoovered. Kids clothes all away. Ironing done. Place look spotless. Am very confused.

I also made sweet potato, Feta, spinach and chickpea salad. That was a bit good. Then a Strawberry Tart, with Creme Anglais.

And of course, England aren't in, but Boys still want to watch it. Bloody hell. I'll be demented before someone gets the trophy.


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