Monday, June 09, 2008

but the friendship's built on trust......

So, I'm in work this morning, still astounded by how Tidy I left the house after the weekend.

I'm already planning an evening's gardening activities to bring the garden
up to scratch with the inside.

Is much better when the house is tidy - although it looks like something is missing a bit. K is gobsmacked that I have gone Houseproud. Can't say I blame her.

Am currently awaiting the arrival of her business notes. So far today she has suggested Pre-School Percussion Teacher???!!! On a franchise???? Where do these people come from, and a Cleaning service. I quite like the idea of the cleaning service - being that is where I am right now. In a cleaning frame of mind. However I will have to contemplate..... How many people do you think would pay for cleaning?

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