Wednesday, June 25, 2008

She's Leaving On A Jet Plane.....


Tooli is away........ to Switzerland. We dragged ourselves out of bed this morning at 3.50 am to get her down to airport.

Last night was a trauma with her and her dad fighting over what was going in the case. Heavens!

When we got down to Airport one of the mothers said that she had been down to the airport twice that week to weigh the cases, and they had advised that they would accept up to 15.8 kilos!! We were struggling to loose .2 kg because we were terrified it would be too far over!

The kids are flying from Prestwick to Beauvais and then collecting their bus, and driving to Switzerland - wowser eh? How bloody fantastic! Boy has been there twice before - once with the Scouts and the first time with the School. She will just LOVE it.

I'll try and find the link to the hotel....... I can never find anything.

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  1. Robert Downey Jr. Esq.6:42 pm

    I dont think Kerry is receiving any of our letters other than the card you sent dead early on.