Sunday, June 08, 2008

Close my eyes and drift away,.......

what a strange weekend.

Toolibelle left on Friday evening, in a rush of Boots, too many pairs of trousers and hair baubles. She hugged us like she was going for a month...... What is she going to be like when she leaves for Switzerland? She is off to Lochgoilhead with the guides. Check the web page - she is going to be soooo busy.

Gran and me delivered the papers for Tool. We did it in 1.5 hours which wasn't bad going for a middle aged me, and an old bird!! We treated ourselves after by heading to the Towers for a wee half shandy! Wow we deserved it. It takes about 6000 steps to do that round! all for £4.00 Can you believe! Slave labour

Boy No 1 was out being drunk on Friday night... not far, just next door, so I could keep an eye on him, woke up at 5.00 am being sick. Although I'm not totally convinced it was a hangover. He didn't eat his dinner on Friday evening, which is TOTALLY unlike him. I'm thinking he was a bit off colour. Anyways - he headed off at 710am.... to play beach volleyball. He had to take breakfast away with him. - The fact that he took breakfast assures me he was feeling fine!

He arrived home about 4 - sunburnt down one side! Lovely. Then got changed, had dinner, and went to catch train to Glasgow, which he missed, so I drove him up and dropped him at Hampden Park for his mate to find him.

Me and Si headed home, had a couple of drinks and watched Dr Whooooo FANTASTIC. and then wandered down to the Towers for a pint. We were almost chased out the door by the staff who would have preferred us to be sitting in the bar so we left, and I obliged the staff by pointing out the failing in my clothing. They had mercilessly slagged off a female who was very poorly dressed in one of those dresses with squee wiff hems, - except I think she had it on wrong - the long corner was hanging down between her legs, and the short bit was skirting (literally) her ass at the back. Apparently all night she had been sitting crossed legs, almost killing some old age pensioners who were sitting to her left who had a prime view of her ass hanging out her pants!

We watched Galaxy Quest - which I love. Tim Allen and Alan Rickman.... what more can you ask for, and headed to bed about 1. So So Weird. Only Me and Si... no weans. How lovely, we could "chat" and not have Tool screaming in the back ground " I AM STILL AWAKE DO NOT BE HAVING SEX". Which she does with horrifying regularity. Please note - each time she shouts we are not always partaking.

Anyways....Si is off again... to Scouts to Pioneer today. How lovely. Boy No 1 is on route home. Has just telephoned from Central Station... I'm very proud of him, I thought for sure he would be sick as a dog today and be calling me to come and collect him! Tooli will be leaving Lochgoilhead tonight about 4.30. And I'll collect her about 6.30. All good. Family all home.

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