Monday, June 23, 2008

Your My First, Your My Last My Everything

It was Awards Night Monday.

Boy was assisting in the Presentation. I was very very proud of him - he is so lovely and Tall.

He was also receiving awards - Scottish Junior and Senior Team award for Volleyball.

Tooli Belle was getting a merit for her School Work - Excellence in Several Subjects, and also an award for being selected for Volleyball National Trials. I curled all her hair for her before she went so she was completely Stunning.

I'm not sure how we did these kids - I mean is funny how a mixture of Si and me has gone towards producing such perfectly gorgeous weans!

Boy's Pal L played the MOST stunning piano piece I have ever heard. It said "Au Claire De La Luna", but it sounded nothing like my version.... she is very very talented ... played the Last Post at the Remembrance Sunday Parade as well on her Trumpet. It inspired me to sit down at the keyboard yesterday, but after a couple of plinky plonk noises, I realised that music is not my forte.

This is the kids with Mrs R, their Volleyball coach who has inspired them to be out of the house every weekend, having me to drive back and forward all over the country! Tee hee Thanks Mrs R

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