Saturday, June 21, 2008

What's the story morning glory?

Morning after the Night Before!

Bloody Hell. I'm probably not best popular with a lot of parents today.

Hmmm Funny how they were all quite willing to let me take their kids into my house last night.... they thought I was mad to host so many kids, and lets be honest I was. What the hell was I thinking! NIGHTMARE!

I brought Steven home, and first kids arrived at his back. By 11 there were about 25 kids here, by 12 there were about 40. more arrived after that.

I think it went okay - we had a couple of dodgy moments.

1. boy's Pal Jake came with his poi's - dowsed in diesel, and did a fire dancing show outside in the street! If he had tried this in the garden he would have set fire to (a) the Trampoline, (b) the Gazebo (c) the Shed, or (d) the house! ha ha ha ha

Was highly entertaining, but I think maybe the squad of kids - I counted forty five, back into the house - was a bit intimidating for the neighbors.


I can't believe that he thought it was a good idea to douse poi's in petrol and light them, and then throw them about the body! The girlies were very impressed with nakedness of top of body!

For having upwards of 45 weans in the hoouse - ranging in age from 12 - 20 the noise level wasn't too bad. Except for when, the Ipod was turned up full blast, then TV turned up full blast, and then the girls started a rendition of "Join the Circus".

Lovely singers they all may be when on stage... but after a bucket of bacardi breezer the tone seems to go a wee bitty.

I was stressed out. Is very difficult to keep an eye on that many kids - some of whom are quite responsible, but they were All very very hyped up after a fantastic show - they got standing ovations on Friday night. I'm so glad I sneaked in to the wings to watch the end. The total exhilaration was infectious. Boy said he had never smiled so much in his life. I can imagine. His smile was sooo wide. The Braces were worth the 18 months of discomfort! he has a brilliant smile!

Poor Wee Sam. Too much Strawberry Cider. She babbled and babbled discussed with me the merits of Take That, and then fell asleep out the back. She woke up about 30 minutes later and felt the horror of drinking and falling asleep. Started her hangover right there and then. Si and I had a ball trying to get her in the house, and calm her pal down too. As you can see, the boys were all very sympathetic. She lay there all night - and yes, I did speak to her mum.....

After driving the late hangers on home -I finally got in at 3.15 am this morning and was tucked up in bed at 3.30. Yawn.

Sam woke up in the morning a wee bitty weary and wanted to help me tidy up there and then... last thing I felt like doing. Managed to get her to sit down for a bit, and Boy and Si came down
and we all laughed a bit at how funny she had been, trying to reassure her that she hadn't been badly behaved. which truley she wasn't.

So now I have to sleep, cause I'm really really tired.

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