Sunday, June 15, 2008

You can sew it up but you still see the tear...

Sunday night again, and all my family back where they should be. But the weekend has gone again. Only good thing about that is that we are getting closer to Shuna time. I love Shuna I do I do I do.

Is Father's day today. I got Si a funny card from Moonpig..... It is a Oi Magazine Cover. Tee Hee, Is briliant. He got Chocolate, chocolate medal, a book, a poster and a CD for the Car.

He came in about 1.30 from Scouts. it was the Giant Sleepover...... 130 Scouts -(you will see from last night's blog). The beavers went to bed about 12, and the parent helpers left then, it was about 3 am before they managed to get the rest of them to bed.
Si had about an hour's sleep til 4 am, when the Explorers decided to go down the beach and fly kites, and then came back and invaded the Scouts Tent dressed in Giant CHicken outfits! These were "fighting chicken suits"... they also had bouncy castles and a boxing ring. Nice gentle activities to keep them all safe.

Boy was at rehearsals all day today. Tooli and me didn't do much. She slept in. I went and got the shopping. I cleaned the bathroom, i prepared the Dinner. I also did a wee bit of knitting.

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