Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Summer Sun Sitting High In the sky.....

Busy weekend for everyone! Isn't it always.

On Saturday both the kids had trials for the Scottish Schools Volleyball Squad. I had to take Tool over to Meadowmill in Edinburgh - except it was about 17 miles the other side of Edinburgh. I had to take 3 other girls, Hannah, Alison and Lauren. I have to admit I drove like a madman to get them there on time. Tool screamed directions at me towards the end, and eventually three of them actually recognised the place.

I dropped them there, and then headed back towards Edinburgh. I got totally lost, and ended up entering from Calton HIll which was a nice change.

Princes Street and Shandwick Place are closed and dug up because they are going to build tramways, which will be great, but hell if you are trying to drive in.

I parked at Castle Terrace, and browsed the Farmers market. It is there everyweekend, and is so popular there were queues at every stall. Well excepting the Woolie Hat shop - but that was probably because it was sooooo warm. It must have been in the low 20's easy.

I wandered down to the Meadows then, and was dismayed to find about 500 orange lodgers preparing for a walk. I had a quick skeg at the Taste of Scotland Fair -but it was £12 to get in so I thought, Nah.

I went from there, to Chambers Street, down the Cow Gate, along Grass Market, up Victoria Street, Along the Royal Mile, Down Cockburn street, Along Princes Street Gardens, along Rose Street, back along Princes Street, back into Rose Street to avoid the Orange March - which you couldn't really do considering there were about 600 of them, and covered the road, from the MOund all the way along Princess Street. Jeesus What a Racket. It should be outlawed.
From there I headed back up Lothian Road, down the Grassmarket again and back thru the Market. I stopped off and got a hog roast bun - with Apple Sauce. oh Heaven's it was Glorious. I was starving and thirsty.

I left Edinburgh then, and headed to Roslin, and made a quick stop at Roslin Abbey - the Site of the Davinci Rumours. What a beautiful little Abbey. And It is LITTLE. But the carvings are glorious. There is no other word for it. While I sat in the Garden, I found a little cat -what a lovely wee kit.

Then I went back and collected the girls, who were collectively knackered. It had been very very hard work. They had done an extensive warm up, which had almost finished them. None of them were particularly bothered about getting into the team. They were all just knackered, and felt like they had all been out their depth.

No 1 Boy, was doing the same thing for the Scottish Boys School Team. His went well and he was fair jumping about his trials. He had a good day. But he was knackered too.

Si was on an island, and heading up a hill! He had decided that since we were all going to be "away" he would take off by himself and climb a hill. Goatfell was his target for the day, and he headed off for the 10 am boat.

The boat was so busy, that people were being turned away. Luckily he got on, didn't get a seat, but got over. A wee Saunter past the Arran Brewery, sadly now in receivership, and then a long slow climb up to the Peak of Goatfell. What a day for it. The weather was glorious and he had views all over Ayrshire, and up the West Coast - and over to Campbell Town to the West. Look at the mountains in the Centre of Arran. Gorgeous,

We all had a lie in this morning, until I had a bit of an ASthma attack, and promptly heaved up. I couldn't settle again, so I headed downstairs, and then out the back where I lay in the sun for about hour and a half. I'm glad I did, because the clouds came over then, and the day ended in Rain. Heavy Heavy Rain.

Tool had a Swimming Pool party this afternoon - to add insult to the injury of training yesterday and tonight, the poor wee soul is away to bed, after an hour and a half in the bath, trying to ease her painful limbs. No 1 Boy has been out at his pals.... and has come in all quiet. Wonder what is up there?


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    Lovely. You are sexy lady.

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