Wednesday, June 04, 2008

And singing hearts and flowers

I've been at the school for a meeting. Tool is going to Switzerland in 3 weeks time!

The kids are going to have a ball. The teachers are all really looking forward to it, and though trying to be "earnest" in their responsibilities - you can see they can't wait to get there and have fun. The kids will have a ball - if that it the frame of mind the teachers are in.

Only downside of this trip is that we have to get Tool to the Airport for 4 am on Wednesday morning ... wowser. I can't believe it,,,, so early. I think we have everything for her.... We shopped last weekend, - she has plenty of clothes. I handed the money in tonight, and we have the extra money here - for the trip thru france, and whatever extras she wants to buy.

Steven came with us - he wanted to see if there would be any pictures of him from previous trip - and thankfully there was so he was happy. And he was able to answer the odd question from parents as well.

Aw. My Baby. Heavens! What are we going to do without her to organise us for a week!

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