Saturday, June 14, 2008

There's a Touch Upon My Lips..........

Heaven's. What a day. Up at 6.30 am; Shower, breakfast, pack lunch, pick up two of Boy''s sports mates and then headed to Dundee. 2 hours it took me. Dropped them, and headed to my favourite retail outlook.

I love Borders, I do. I can quite happily enjoy Borders for up to 2 hours. Which is a good job, because after 1 1/4 hours, I realised that it was actually a pay and display - I had been so sleepy as I walked in, I completely missed the Pay Points. Still after a nice mocha and a lemon muffin I was feeling so much much better.

I headed town ward, and took two circuits to find a parking space.... not that there wasn't a lot of spaces, I just kept getting in to the wrong lane. Ah Well, Eventually I found a car park, settled in and headed for the town centre. I'd read that there was a market in the High Street. There was - A wee German one, cheese, sausages, donuts, lager etc etc. Just the same as the one which always appears in Edinburgh and Glasgow at Christmas time.. .except with out the christmas decorations.

I did find Desperate Dan and Beryl the Peril, Dundee being the home of D C Thomson, who publish the Dandy.

Funny eh?

Where I parked there was a funny wee big mall... kinda like the Forum... not briliant - weird shops all mussed up. Didn't like it - was over 3 floors.

left there, and found another which was different and nicer, and in there, I found a Beauty Shop, and got my nail buffed and polished. Just for the sit down, quiet and a wee pamper. It was nice.

Wasn't as nice as Kims, but it was a wee spot of Me Time. Which was what I needed.

I continued to bimble about, but not really enjoying Dundee very much - i don't know - maybe it was just that It wasn't familiar. I headed back to the car, and drove nearer to where i had dropped the boys. Visited a massive ASDA but which didn't have Restaurant. I then found a Sainsbury's which was lovely, and had a lovely pot of tea and a biscuit for £1.70. That was okay. I had a wee read of the papers too.

Eventually I went and parked up next to the school where Boy was training, and started my knitting, my inital thought had been that I would find a park and sit and knit - but I couldn't find anywhere nice enough.

Tooli was away to Ayr for the day shopping with her pals - We kept in touch with mobiles and I was hoping she wouldn't be home too much before us.

The boys finished at 4, on the dot and I got them all in the car, and we headed back down the road.

Si is at Scouts. it is "the giant sleepover" tonight. I think He said there were 150 Scouts / Beavers / Cubs there! Joyous fun eh? tee hee. Rather him than me.

Just watched Dr Who there. That is one programme that just seems to get better and better every week. Heaven's above, I was breathless waiting for the conclusion. And next week..... Rose is back.

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