Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And decided to create a dream come true

I wake in the mornings and switch on Shopping Channels. (Only this week, cause I'm on holiday)

I'm really not intending to buy anything, but I can't believe that these people sit here day in day out selling pap. The thing is they sell Pap so earnestly. It is amazing. Breathtaking brilliance, Stunning clarity, Brazilian fire Opal.... what is Brazilian Fire Opal? Do I honestly think I would want to wear one? nah, i think not. A second a go, there was a Dog Training Session on DVD which can turn your dog from a treat eating spoilt mutt, into the dog of your dreams. Dog of My dreams will always be a dog of my freams. I'm allergic to dogs. and I won't ever be getting one. Maybe a kitten? Maybes aye, but if Si has his way... it'll be a no.

Boy is headed off to training again this moring. He is totally knackered. Running around for 5 hours each day - plus an hour and a half travelling each way. He wants to go out tonight with his mates and I feel reluctant to stop him but am so worried about his physcial strength. I suppose when we get to Friday he can sleep all day if he wants.

Today Si is running him.... and coming back. One of his pals is dropping him off tonight. So maybe we will do something later today.. even if it is a walk thru the garden centre.

Si and Tool did Lunch yesterday, so I don't think we'll do lunch, but maybe a cream tea?

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