Sunday, October 05, 2008

But the Touch of Your Hand......

I was working today.

I don't mind working Sundays - you always managed to get so much done, and there isn't the constant interruptions of a weekday.

I was finishing early too, cause I was going thru to Edinburgh, with the whole gang to watch Russell Howard, who was quite quite brilliant!

Was quite funny, because initally Si and Boy were going, and then Me and Tool thought we would like to go too, but we didn't have seats together. So we were waving to them across the rows. A couple came in with a gang of friends, and sat beside me and Tool, and the boys got their friends. I asked the chap beside me if he would like to sit beside his friends, but he was most insistant that no - he didn't. I think he wanted peace and quiet and romantic evening with girlfriend. Hey Ho - Such Is Life.

He was very good, as was his warm up .... strange I wasn't expecting that. But Russell had me in tears - his humour is just so enthusiastic, childlike and warm... even with the swearing which was minimal. Tool was sitting beside me giggling away like a looney. We had a ball.

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