Friday, October 24, 2008


Where’s your favorite beach? There's a beach about 800 yards away from my house. This is called the North Beach in Troon. On a sunny afternoon - I can hear the jet ski's roaring about. There is another Beach in Troon, Originally named South Beach, this is a cleaner, more pretty beach, with Sand Dunes and clean white sand. Barassie Beach (North Beach), is more shell covered and is prone to the mess of the sea. Strangely enough - this is the beach which is more busy, I think because the folk who come down like to be able to park right on the beach. Barassie is also better for Windsurfers and wind sport because it is open to the winds which come down the Clyde.

Where’s your favorite place to spend money?

Borders Bookshops. I love spending money in there, and Time. I could spend hours and hours and hours in there.

Where’s a good place to watch people?
I watch people everywhere. I am professional people watcher. I love watching people. I can sit anywhere, and watch people and imagine all sorts of stories about them. Work, Home, The Beach, the Town, Cafes, Car Parks, Sports Halls. Everywhere. I have a very over-active imagination and I can pictures their whole lifes.

Where’s a good place to be totally alone?
My Bed. I love lying in my bed, in the quiet. The Beach. I love sitting on the wall on the beach, just watching. Is all good.

Where’s a place outside of work (or school) where you’re likely to run into people from work (or
school)? No. Unless it is the supermarket. I Like to keep my work and personal life separate. I am a separate sort of person. Compartments for all parts of my life. That is how I like it.


  1. I watch people a lot too, so I must be a peoplewatcher, also.

  2. I almost said "bed" for my favorite alone place. I love climbing in at night an stretching out any where I want in it. Loving that I can even sleep sideways like a star-fish if I want! Happy Friday =)