Sunday, October 19, 2008

I want the World to know.....

We took Si out for Tea Tonight... It has to be a quiet affair, cause Si doesn't like attention drawn to (a) him, or (b) the fact that he is older than he was on Friday.

I bought him a Cocktail to celebrate, a Frankie and Benny's "PS I love You", cause I do. he received this gratefully and told us that if we had tried to do something embarassing then he would get up and leave....

When we ordered Pudd, Si was at the loo, as was Tooli, and the waitress asked us if we would like a candle in Si's Pudd. Well How Could We Resist???

The two of them came back from the toilet, and it was all me and Boy could do to not snigger and give the game away.

We maneuvered the seating so that Si was trapped to the back of the table - and wouldn't be able to escape, and then we watched on in excited horror, as the lights dimmed and the waffle came towards him with Happy Birthday and Congratulations Blaring out over the restaurant. he couldn't escape... he was stuck!

But Look at his face... He loved it, he said he was mad, but he so wasn't, boy and me had tears streaming down our faces....

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