Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beside the Victory, that's My Destiny

okay- So Tuesday Night, it was the kids' turn, tonight, it's Dad's turn.

He isn't a big one for parties / people / mixing (like me), but he is loving his scouts, and has made the effort big time here.

This is the Beavers and Cubs Party, and I think there are going to be a few beavers / and cubs who need a change of undies when they see the normally v. quiet Mogli, looking like this. I demonstrated a few Raaaaa noises, and I think he has got it off patt.

He was just going to wear Steven's Scary mask, but said if I seen anything while I was out to grab it.

Here be Simon the Zombie.

Pretty Cool. Eh?

I was mostly very impressed, especially with how little make up it took to make him look scary.

I said, "if you come into the bedroom wearing this tonight, you don't be having to do the Doo Doo Monster noises. I'll be scared enough without it".

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  1. Wee-Devil9:57 pm

    Fab hee hee love it!!

    Go Si!