Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's Hear those Sleigh Bells Jingle and Ring Ting Ting a ting Ting

My kids had parties last night - halloween for one of them and "superhero night" for the other.

The Superhero night was being held in Church Hall which doesn't hold with celebration of the dark arts. Hence "superhero", as opposed to anything remotely witchy or devilish.

Boy's costume was hired, I just think- this is his last year at school, lets make it a good one - I think he looks brilliant!

Tooli's was home made - the piece de resistance for her was wearing her brothers pants! She was actually wearing his t-shirt too, but the fact that she got to wear his pants was a big plus for her! Strange Strange child.

She looked lovely. I painted her face - oh how I long for the days of face painting, - that used to occupy us for hours, and make her put on a tiara, and then fashioned a cloak out of some beautiful lilac tuille (like her).

I thought she was just perfect. But then she is.

On the other side of life, I seen these two today, they aren't actually dressed up. This is how they go about every day, and they think they look good! Why can't ned's who wear ned clothes realise that EVERYONE in the world, (including other neds) think that they look ridiculous. Did you know that when a ned Puts his hat on, he pushes his palm against his nose to make sure the skip of his cap is at the correct position??? These two both had hats on, but you just couldn't see them under the hoods! bams!

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  1. wee kam8:56 pm

    aye they are pure radges man n'aw that.