Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fate, Up Against Your Will


Its been a strange sort of week. I'm very agitated this week, but unable to put my finger on it. Last night I finally settled and sat down for a bit. I watched Supernanny and got agitated again that people can be so hopeless at raising children.

Everyone looked on in horror when I got pregnant - I think they thought I would fall to pieces (being of a nervous disposition as it is) - but having Boy was the making of me. I found my talent. I can raise kids who are considerate, mindful, but children for as long as they need to be. I don't think there is anything too wrong with either of them.

Tool is actually the adult in the house hold - she has a timetable which we all adhere to, or she wouldn't get everything done that she needs. Boy could get off his arse a bit around the house - and get out of bed in the morning for his paper round with out the verbal battering i have to give him. But that is a wean thing, isn't it. In fact no - it isn't. Si has to verbally batter me - because I normally fall back asleep after I've made sure Boy is up.

Where do these people go wrong? Last night they had a nine year old who was slapping and kicking her parents and having tantrums to get her own way - proper throw yourself on the floor and scream til you are blue in the face tantrums. Last time Boy did that, he wasn't even two. If either of them lifted their hand to me, they would be on their backs so fast they wouldn't know what had hit them.

I am the disciplinarian in the house, strangely enough. I don't even have to shout. I have the "scary" look. I have been known to make young children cry with the "scary" look. I can detect a lie, find a culprit and get an apology for an unknown act with the look. I don't shout that often, but when I do they know that it's bad.

I do swear. Which isn't good. But not directly at the kids. Normally just at myself.

Last night I did swear tho - but again, not directly at Boy or Tool. Boy was driving home from Tool's training session and took a roundabout in rather an devilish way.

Bloody Hell, did I ever.

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