Sunday, October 12, 2008

He sings the songs that remind him.........

CAMRA Beer Festival Time AGain.

There was a time, 6 years ago, when the Sprogs were 11 and 8 respectively, when this was our ONE day out a year, and boy did we milk it. Si and me have never been BIG go-er outers, but this was always a nice afternoon. If A little tiddly.

Today we were asked by Tool not to go in the middle of the Afternoon cause her friends were here, and obviously to have parents going out to pub in middle of afternoon wouldn't be good. So we waited and eventually were allowed to go at 5.15 (whatever happened to the Adults being in charge).

Please to say when we arrived, plenty of ale still available. In previous years there has been a early closing - and we normally manage to obtain last pint, which is quite a thrill - if a bit dangerous cause the serious drinkers would prefer that someone who cared what they are drinking got it.

Anyways - we actually left BEFORE it ended amazingly, and there was still beer left. I had drunk enough to know that any more and it would be coming out my ears, AND i could still stand! Way Hay on two counts! I must be getting old and sensible.

Weirdest thing was the band. I recognised one chap from school - a very quiet guy who I don't think i EVER spoke to in the history of the world. When they started playing I recognised another... and got to chat to him during one of their intervals. He told me who the singer was and i nearly died. The guy was a terror at school, and why he was now in a band with these two other guys is beyond me. I described it to Si in terms of the Populars, and the Alties, Emo's and the Neds which the kids use now to categorise themselves to explain how weird it was to see them all together.

My lasting memory of this guy was one evening when I was 12, or 13 at most, was him asking me, most earnestly, in the middle of a converation "and how is your vagina this evening hel".


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