Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday 5


Who frightens you?

Wee Devil scares the shit of out me.

Seriously. She is Mental, with a VERY big C
apital M. You never know when she is telling the truth, or lying, in fact there is a very fine line between the two with Wee-Devil everything she says could be the truth, and everything could be a lie.

Very very unpredictable and being around her for an extended period in time means that you start to be a bit scary mental too.

Who regularly surprises you?
Wee-Devil. I receive letters and packages from her at sometimes an alarming rate - all of which are a delight and make me laugh hysterically.

Where she gets her inspiration from is unknown, but you can guarantee if a package ar
rives for me at work, I try and leave it as long as possible to make the anticipation play out and I can fully enjoy the surprise

Who calms you down?
My Si, without fail.

Any time I am stressed or freaking (which is
actually quite often), a hand on my back, on my knee, a cuddle anything, and everything is better.

Who inspires you?

My Kids!

They can do anything, and make me want to do better just so that I could be better for them.

Who admires you perhaps more than he or she should?
Does Anyone? I don't think so, I don't do very much to generate much admiration. I'm not being modest, but I'm not know for inspirational works.

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  1. Li-Lo Lezzer7:51 pm

    I admire you. Lesbean style of course.