Saturday, October 04, 2008

Humidity is rising - Barometer's getting low

Saturday Morning. Tool scheduled to be playing Hockey.

We all rise at 8 am, and look at the pouring rain and listen to the howling wind. We watch the trees bend backwards and forwards, and look at all the windfall apples under the tree, happy in the knowledge that it will be cancelled and we can go back to bed!

Alas, it is not to be. The phone call is made at 8.20 and the match is still on. We drop Tool and her pal L at the pitch, carefully avoiding the foot deep puddle which has formed in the car park .

We drive to Grans' to check for mail and see if there is anything worth stealing. There isn't!

Head back to the playing fields manage to park away from the puddle. Sit in the car for twenty minutes waiting to see if they will come out. Two teams come out and we peer frantically thru the windscreen to see if we could feasibly watch from there. Not a chance.

Get out of car. Realise that tool's team were already out - in the most open, wildest part of the playing fields. We headed over with big umbrella to protect us. Within 20 seconds. Umbrella is history. Within 25 seconds, I am realising that my waterproof, isn't what it says on the packet. Am freezing, and wet. and chittering. The only thing keeping me standing there, apart from the love of my daughter, is that there are 22 wee lassies on this pitch, and 22 on three other pitches running for their lives up and down the pitch for the joy of the game. Surely I can stand there and be cold for 30 more minutes.

At the end of the first half, I take off running. I feel that running will help, so I take off in the direction of the trees. Si notices I am not there, and spies me in the trees and comes and joins me. We are both SOAKED. Walking is uncomfortable because the backs of our trousers are so WET they are dripping into our boots. But Look we are still smiling. Si is smiling. You just can't see for the frozen expression on his face. Tee Hee.

Eventually Match Won, and Tool putting in Sterling Performance, We left to go home. We are all Dripping. Tool hits the shower first. - I decided to allow my maternal instincts kick in, and felt she should be warm and dry first.

After..... Tool went to bed and slept for most of the afternoon - and I had to go and do shopping, but by 9.15 I was in my bed. Snoozing away.

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