Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cause that's just who I am this week

Last night was busy.

Boy was away to See Fall Out Boy, and the very pretty Pete Wentz. Shame that the lead singer isn't quite as pretty - he has the most AMAZING voice. I'd have gone and seen them. (But that wouldn't be cool).

Tool was at Guides, and it was my turn!!! Oh Joy. My turn, that is to be Adult assistant, and guess what, I agreed to be Cook at the December camp. ha ha ha ha ha What a giggle. Tool is mortified, she thinks (a) I'm going to poison everyone or (b) totally embarass her by not being able to cook. Tee hee It was actually okay - I watched as the girls drew things, and talked about things, and then sat to one side as they did some singing.. (no way was I doing that). Then they played games, and I was right into that, screaming encouragement ... and cheating.

Then they did...... what did they do? I can't think. But that was it. All done, and I got to go home.

Si went away to pick Boy up - we didn't want him and pal struggling to get home and having to leave concert early, but then Si got stuck in diversion and ......didn't get home for ages and ages and ages.

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