Wednesday, March 04, 2009

All Around Me Are Familiar Places, Worn out Faces,

I started my Psychology Course tonight, in fact I'm doing it right now. I was so inspired I just had to write a People Watching Blog.

This is what I enjoy most. People Watching.

I watch People CONSTANTLY. I imagine why they are acting in the way they are, I imagine where they go when I am finished seeing them, I imagine their home life, I imagine their relationships.

Best thing of all is to be sitting somewhere high, where you can see many many people over a distance. My favourite place like this used to be in a lecture room in the sixth floor at Napier's Sighthill campus. I've spent ages now looking for a photograph so that I can explain. This one is the best I could do.

If you click and see the large version - you can see that you can positively see for MILES.

I used to sit and look out the window, while I was supposed to be listening, and see if I could follow a car, or someone getting on a bus and map their trip into the city 6 miles down the road. Of course you loose sight of them, but imagine being able to follow them in your mind's eye, on the bus, getting off, walking along certain streets, imagining their whole trip, until you leave college, and walk out to the bus stop and come face to face with the person you watched getting on the bus coming off the bus!

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