Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Four, Plus One = Five.

Q1 - Homeownership: Burden or Joy?

Is a joy. Nothing quite says, "i've made it", like forking out half your salary on your mortgage repayments! No honestly, I'm so happy we have our own house - we are obliged to upkeep it, and keep it safe for our family to live in. It is a BIG achievement, and most definitely a joy.

Q2 - School Year: Make it longer to boost students' academic achievements or shorter or the same so kids can be kids?

I am of the opinion that kids should be kids, a shorter school year??? Could it actually be any shorter. My daughter who is 14 has already realised that she spends more time on holiday than she does at school, but she at least makes the most of the time she is at school and studies 95% of the time - the other 5% she is playing sports for the school teams! In that way - all her holidays are deserved. Boy?? He could do with more time at school - he does it the other way round 95% playing sports, and 5% studying, although this week, we have brought that round to 70% Sports, and 30% Studying, which is a HUGE increase. Long may it continue.

Q3 - Weekend: Saturday morning or Sunday morning?

Morning. I love morning. Saturdays- up early to get Tooli to Hockey, or Boy to Volley. Sunday - Up early to get Tool to Volley and Boy to Volley. There isn't much rest in this house. Even last weekend, when we had an all too rare night out, we still had to get up at 6.30 next morning to get Tool out of the house by 7.30! Sunday - it was up to get to Wishaw.

Q4 - Quickly: Instant Messaging or Texting?

Texting.... I don't get IM's - well I do, but often you don't know who they are coming from. People say they are one thing on the Computer, and may well turn out to be something completely different. At least with Texting, you have a pretty good idea who has the phone at the other end!

Bonus Question:

Q5 - Newspaper: Hardcopy or Online edition?

Nothing beats a broadsheet on a Sunday, splattered across the table, with poached eggs and a cup of tea. Although I do check the on-line editions daily for news and opinion, I do like to have a read of a Sunday. I'd probably have a read of a Saturday too, if I had time!

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