Sunday, March 29, 2009

I have a Picture, Pinned to My Wall.

I've had a lovely day.

Long Lie, followed by Breakfast in Bed! I finally stumbled thru to the shower about 12, or maybe 1,. The clocks went forward today - Spring has Sprung!

Me and Toolie, went down to Morrisons picked up a couple of things, bimbled round the Superdrug Store and got some pretty make up. Then we got an icecream, and went and parked at the Ballast Banking, and enjoyed the wind and the waves, and tried out some of the make up. Oh we did look beautiful!

Si was at the Scouts today - they were having a special day to try and highlight the problems of bullying. Hmm. Boy was driving, here there and everywhere.

Eventually Tool and I came home, and I got dinner prepared for us all, and everyone came on exactly on time and we all had a lovely dinner chatting together. Boy is on a high this weather, and is great company - unfortunately he is winding up Tooli- his proclaimation tonight was "why can't you have been going thru Puberty since 5 -I've never had so much fun". O MG It is so hard not to laugh!

Poor Baby.

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