Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And All That I Knew Was.......

Ruari bought me ASDA Smart Price Tissues. Do Guys not know anything?

I only use Balm Coated tissues - for bum and face,,, I think my bum ones are aloe vera (which always makes me laugh - personal reasons).

The sore throat of yesterday, I never mentioned it to you, but I think I twittered, has developed in to a rather charming snottery cold which is making me altogether terribly attractive.

Whether you love the husky voice, or the deep breathing thru my permanently open mouth (i'm trying very hard not to dribble as I key), or the sneezing which is blowing holes in the ASDA Brand (other Brands are available), tissues. The tissues themselves, are making my nostrils a rather attractive shade of crimson, complete with lumps of skin flaking away. Jeez. Does it get any better?

Yes, in fact it does. On top of the scrapey throat, and the running nose, I had a Smear today. Oh Joyous.

Men do not know that they are born. No only have we women have to suffer the indignity of Childbirth, periods, and men, but we also have to suffer the huge pain which is the Cervical (or Pap) Smear.

Mine is even more of a pain, because 5 years ago, I had a hysterectomy. You would think that having EVERYTHING taken away, I would be excused. No. The Doctors had to leave my Cervix because it was stuck to my bowel. Lovely. So Even tho I don't have a womb, even though I don't have ovaries, I still have to have the indignity of the Smear.

Check that beast out over there. That is a Speculum or something. That is shoved in, and then opened. Do you have any idea how discomforting that is? That is not the actual size! I made it smaller so's not to upset you people out there.

What I want to know is, why after having this fantastically life -saving procedure performed, does my Frontal Bottom actually feel like it is going to vomit?

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