Sunday, March 01, 2009

I like the Way You Move, Pretty Baby

Wow, Another weekend, been and gone!

Ma came back from Italy.... exhausted and cultured out. Boy was playing Scottish League Volleyball on Saturday in Dundee, and then Junior National League in Glasgow on Sunday and the Lovely S got his company in between. He's away out again. I've got to face facts, I think I've lost the affection of my boy!

Tooli, played hockey on Saturday AM, and it was a brilliant game, they ran from one side of the pitch to the other, they were 2 nil down, and came back to 3-2 in the last two minutes, and in the last 30 seconds the other team got a goal back! It was a good result and a good days exercise. Tool, went home and went to bed. She was very sleepy. Si and I wandered around the town, he got a hair cut ---- i am concerned about the on-set of white hair in his head, surely we aren't that old? (I have a cheek, I am probably completely grey under my lovely dyed locks).

We came home - heard from Boy that they had won 5-0 in Dundee, and he was heading home, and we sat had tea - Si found some recipes from a 92 year old American who survived the depression - and we had one of her recipes. Potatos, bacon and onion! It was lovely. We were completely stuffed.

We watched Cloverfield last night - I was quite scared by it. I scare easily. I can too easily transport myself into the picture and believe it is real.

This blog is getting harder to write, Bean the Kit has decided that sleeping between my arms, with her head on my wrist is the perfect place to sleep!

Today.... Tooli away to Muirhead to play Volleyball - they are thru to the Play offs for the Finals of the Junior National League for Un16 girls! Very big match next week. AS I said before Boy was away to Glasgow - They won one, and lost one!

Everyone came home, we had tea, and a very nice chat around the table. I talked boy into doing a bit more homework before he disappeared off and visited S again! Woe is me.

And today, is our Wedding Anniversary. I cannot believe that we have been married 18 years... where has the time gone? I can't believe we have been a couple for 23 years. It seems forever, but at the same time, seems like only yesterday. I must scan a wedding photo and put it up for you to enjoy! (Well really it will be me who enjoys it).

Happy anniversary to me.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Si is a very lucky goatherder.

  2. I just can't believe it either! Where have the years gone, but what a production!