Saturday, March 07, 2009

It Looks Like It's Gonna Be another Sleepless Night

Happy Birthday JohnnyBoy

Was my Nephew John's Birthday Party last night! He is Twenty One Tomorrow! heaven's above he was wrecked, but then again, as Si says,"Aren't we supposed to be at 21".

"Yeah", I thought quietly back to my own twenty first, and slowly slid down the chair in embarassed wonder that I ever lived thru my twenties the way I carried on! What A relief to have met Si, drunk all the need to drink myself into a stupor, and settle down.

Johnny is starting a new career in one month. I think he is taking a month off - to mess around and be 21 before becoming a pillar of society.

Go You Johnny - You've turned out into a Great Lad!


  1. Hi..!
    Nice blog... I love it...!


  2. He looks very dishy!

  3. ha ha bUbbles!! this was a bad, drunk photo of him.... he's much better when sober!