Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just One Kiss and then My Heart Went Boom....

For the second weekend in a row I have been out socialising. This is very very unlike me. Last weekend, it was the Nephew's birthday. This weekend, was Fund Raising.

Both Boy and Tool are going to Belgium to play volleyball with the School. This trip would normally cost £150 a head. So I thought, Yeah, I can stretch to £300 for the two of them. Then the letters came in and it was £350 per head! What was once a £150, trip, had suddenly become a £750 for both of them! Anyway, the school obviously recognised the leap in price, and we have been fundraising like gooduns! Bag Packing, Football Cards, and tonight... Race Night complete with Quiz and Auctions! IT was a good night, but o m g it was long, and tiring. We had 4 girls at our table during the quiz wanting to benefit from Tool's superior knowledge (or perhaps the fact I was looking up answers on my phone) ha ha ha. It was very strange, but Tool was enjoying herself, so it was all good.

Now we are home, and I am tired, so cup of tea for me, and then bed.

And tomorrow. NO ONE HAS ANYTHING PLANNED. It looks like we will have a long lie!


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