Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reality used to be a friend of mine,

Life doesn't slow down, it just doesn't.

Last weekend past so quickly I never even saw it, It took til Tuesday to recover, and we went straight into this weekend the same.

I was a tad down on Friday night and resorted to a big bag of Doritos and Red Wine with Comic Relief. That was a BAD IDEA. Not so much the Doritos, or the Comic Relief, but the Red Wine - Definitely! I laughed a bit thru Comic Relief, but not so much that I donated every last penny I had. I think my family contributed enough to them this year, with Boy having lumps of his leg hair ripped out by over enthusiastic 2nd and 3rd Years with no experience of waxing, and having his head massacred by an ex-girlfriend, (supposedly in the name of charity).

He is now rumped, and it's a good job he has a lovely shaped head which copes admirably with baldness! Hat has been brought out - he hadn't realised just how much his hair kept him warm!

On Saturday night, we had more fund raising for Volleyball Trip, this time was Race Night! Lets think - £10 a ticket x 4. a Horse in the race £5.00 A £1.00 on 7 races - £7.00, Two £10, bids on the auction £20, 2 strips of Raffle tickets.... £2.00 - In Total, excluding drinks. £74.00. Say drinks on top - close to £100.00 ha ha ha ha - We would have been just as well saying - aye, we'll pay the full price!

Anyways - it was a good night, nice crowd, the volleyball squad and their mums and dads.

We had 7 races, then a quiz..... buffet going on in between. Tooli- baked cakes and mars bar crispies. The evening finished with all the raffles and thanks and the kids performed a progressive samba for us which was highly entertaining. They are a great bunch of kids and it's a pleasure to be around them.

I was glad to get home tho, I was sooo tired.

Amazingly we had a long lie this morning, no one was going anywhere. Boy had carried on to the town after and I had woke at 5.30 in a panic because I hadn't heard him coming in, so I staggered out my bed and stuck my head in the door, and listened for the sound of breathing, amongst the noises of the wild life lurking under his bed.

I am so glad I didn't wander into the bedroom and poke him to check on breathing because I discovered this morning that his mate was lying sleeping on the floor!!

Si and I did a bit of shopping today, and then came home. I entered competitions..... did the ironing and now I'm heading upwards. Yawn......

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